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Periodic effects Cannabis Business & Science

Jun 22, 2022

(Part-1) To say the cannabis industry is dynamic would be an understatement. The industry is constantly evolving as new international markets develop, new States legalize and federal legalization looms overhead. 


Our guest, Ruth Fisher, PhD, covers the repelling forces working on the industry.



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Jun 16, 2022

(Part-2-Business) If the medical and recreational cannabis models can’t coexist, is there a hybrid model that doesn’t leave patients in the dust? Our guest, Dr. Adam Abodeely, discusses his approach as he’s not waiting around for regulators to lead.



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Jun 9, 2022

(Part-1-Science) As Doctors integrate cannabis into their practice, new perspectives are emerging on how and why cannabis medicine works, and how it can replace more harmful medicine, like opioids. We cover some of these new insights with our guest, Dr. Adam Abodeely, board-certified surgeon and member of multiple...

Jun 2, 2022

(Consulting Call) Medicinal Cannabis is being used in more and more areas of health care. However, for multiple reasons, there is very little guidance on specific treatment plans for specific ailments. 


Jessie used cannabis while going through Breast Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment. She’s sharing that experience w/...

May 26, 2022

Envision combining cannabis treatment knowledge of clinicians and the insight capabilities of data visualization tools. This could greatly improve the prescription process of cannabis therapies. 


1-on-1 Consulting Call w/ Brian, Data Analyst

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