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Periodic effects Cannabis Business & Science

Aug 31, 2021

Hand rolled joints are better than stuffed cones, but why exactly is that? And as operations scale, how can growers obtain the quality of rolled joints with the automation currently only available by filling cones? Our guest is Kyle Loucks, Founder of RollPros, who’s one of the first to offer rolled joint automation...

Aug 25, 2021

Do terpenes actually impact the effects of cannabinoids? There’s some long standing controversy around this question. A recently released study from our guest titled “Cannabis sativa terpenes are cannabimimetic and selectively enhance cannabinoid activity” sheds new light on this question.

Our guest, John...

Aug 18, 2021

There’s a gap in cannabis markets that will eventually be filled. A service that can predict the ideal cannabis product for you based on individual needs or ailments. Will the pharma model figure it out, a consumer data and machine learning model, or some other approach? Our guest is David Berg, President & CTO of

Aug 11, 2021

Dr. Marion McNabb has been developing low-cost methodologies and innovation to conduct population studies around the world, now she’s focused on Cannabis. After living in Ethiopia for 8 years conducting HIV/ AIDS prevention and care programs, she’s gained a wealth of knowledge for conducting focused population...

Aug 3, 2021

(1-on-1 Consulting Call) Andrea, like many others, had a life changing experience with cannabis, while the stigma around her said what she was doing was wrong. Determined to make a difference, she got into cannabis education using her background as an elementary school teacher.

Now trying to make it her full time job,...